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Each month, NAES chooses one significant individual who has made a positive difference in the horse industry.

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The current NAES Spotlight is on Glory Ann Kurtz


From the moment Glory Ann Kurtz saw her first horse picture, she was in love with horses. She read Black Beauty as soon as she was old enough to read and insisted that the librarian find her another book “just like that one.”

She also enjoyed writing stories and drawing pictures about horses. This love of horses and a love of writing blossomed into a future where she could incorporate both.

As an adult Glory Ann was put on an unexpected course starting with the loss of one of her three children and a divorce. This led Glory Ann to head for Texas – where all the horse action was.

For the next five years Glory Ann attended college in the evening, wrote press releases for a finacial public relations firm in Dallas during the day and spent her “free time” writing for various barrel racing newsletters including the “WPRA News” (Women’s Professional Rodeo Association).

An ad in the local newspaper led Glory Ann to an editor position for the then fledgling “Quarter Horse News”. The investors were about to shut the publication down so she agreed to work for free for six months if they gave her an interest in the publication.

She had learned from previous business experience that to be successful, one had to create something that no one else was doing and something you were passionate about. With that in mind, she turned the publication into a cutting horse and barrel racing publication.

Glory Ann and her new husband, Bob Kurtz, went to shows across the country passing out copies of the newsletter, writing articles about the shows and taking photos for upcoming issues.

“Quarter Horse News” soon became large enough and profitable enough to spark the attention of a wealthy newspaper and magazine owner who bought the publication. They now had the financial backing to produce a unique, fast-growing publication.

Glory Ann says she may not have been the best writer in the industry but she wrote with passion, demanding transparency from the horse associations. She not only wanted to know everything there was to know about the people in the industry but she wanted to know how much the contestants in a cutting or a barrel race were paid.

It was the first time any horse publication demanded and received such information and printed it. And it created a whole new division of “Quarter Horse News” – a statistical division, which today is called Equi-Stat.

Coverage like this allowed the publication to start writing about other disciplines like reining and reined cow horses. This expansion opened doors for them to share policy changing articles with the public such as youth safety protocol or lack there of at the All-American Quarter Horse Congress in Ohio and the small payouts from the American Quarter Horse Association World Show.

After over 35 years with “Quarter Horse News”, Glory Ann realized it was time to retire. However, retirement wasn’t really in Glory Ann’s future and in 2007, she created the first on-line cutting horse news publication,

Despite some bumps in the road including the loss of her husband, Glory Ann continues to write for and manage whether it’s from her mountain cabin in Colorado or her property in Fort Worth. She is doing what she loves, “Sharing the news and telling the whole story!”


Previous NAES Spotlight Individuals:

J Brent Rollins, DVM

NAES' Spotlight
(Photo Courtesy Rollins Family)
Dr Rollins grew up in Phoenix, attending Osborne grade school, Washington High School and Arizona State University.

He first became interested in veterinary medicine growing up with his father Lyman who was a thoroughbred horse trainer and his brother Bradley who was a professional jockey. He started on the end of a pitchfork and ended up with a trainer's license before Vet School. He, many times, was called upon to help the veterinarians who worked on Lyman's horses.

His pre-veterinary training was at Arizona State University followed by four years at the veterinary school at Colorado State University. Dr. Rollins graduated with high distinction and a ranking of second in his veterinary class. He was a member of phi zeta and Phi Kappa phi. After receiving his DVM, he served for three years as a captain in the US Army at Fort Detrick, Frederick, MD doing research on infectious diseases.


Brian Sosby
NAES' Spotlight
(Photo Courtesy of Brian Sosby, USEF, Lexington, KY)
Born and raised in Paris, KY, Brian was surrounded by the horse world from birth. From Thoroughbred racing to equestrian sport, he made good use of his surroundings and soaked in all he could learn. Combining his love of horses and his educational goals, he became editor of equestrian magazine for the United States Equestrian Federation some seven-plus years ago, after serving as a supporting editor for two years.

Brian attended the University of Kentucky where he studied journalism and advertising, along with minor studies in fine art and marketing. He returned to college three years after receiving his Bachelors degrees and earned a Masters degree in fine art history and theory.

An award-winning writer based in Lexington, Kentucky, Brian has covered both U.S. and international events, including the 2008 Beijing Olympics Games, the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, the 2006 FEI World Equestrian Games from Aachen, Germany, the 2007 Rolex FEI World Cups for Dressage and Jumping from Las Vegas and the 2007 Pan American Games from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

His coverage of equestrian events and feature articles have been widely read by magazine and internet readers around the world. When not writing, editing or producing the Federation’s magazine, Brian finds lots of things to keep him busy. Music and art have been longtime passions of his and he holds a master’s degree in fine art. His other love is visiting his family and new “siblings” — Kodi (a one-year-old 90-pound Boxer/Beagle) and Bella (an eight-month-old 45-pound blonde Labrador).

(Editor’s note: Brian is much to modest but as editor of “Equestrian,” the official publication of the United States Equestrian Federation)


Ray Paulick
NAES' Spotlight
(Photo Courtesy
The Bloodhorse Magazine)

One of the most ethical horseman I know is the former Editor-in-Chief, (for 15 years), of the well known magazine, "The Bloodhorse."

Ray now has his own website and I would encourage you to sign up for his frequent thoughts on the Thoroughbred racing industry; Ray always "tells it like it is."

Please register to receive his and other prominent horsemen and women's comments at


Penny Carpenter

NAES' Spotlight
(Photo Courtesy Penny Carpenter)

NAES' Spotlight focuses on Mrs. Penny Carpenter of the Palm Springs, California area.

Mrs. Carpenter now lives in Palm Desert, CA and has judged hunters, jumpers, hunter seat equitation and hunter breeding classes for over 35 years.

In addition, she holds a Combined Category Steward's card and an international FEI Chief Jumping Steward's license. As a horse show exhibitor she successfully competed in the disciplines she now judges having been trained by such notables as George Morris, Ralph Petersen, Ronnie Mutch and Victor-Hugo-Vidal.

She has also served as a Specialty Show Judge for the Arabian Youth Nationals, the Arabian Nationals, the Arabian Canadian Nationals and the Morgan Grand National horse shows.

Growing up in Long Island, New York Mrs. Carpenter was always a "horse-crazy" youngster but couldn't own her own horse until she was 16. Her option was to work at a nearby stable, cleaning tack, grooming, watering and feeding horses. The stable owner wouldn't allow the girls to clean stalls so she took riding lessons, rode in the horse van to fox hunts, helped friends at horse shows and spent as much time with the horses as possible.

Through the years, Mrs. Carpenter has volunteered her time to the many horse shows, the United States Equestrian Federation and subsidiaries while serving on several committees. Her volunteer work involves the Pegasus Riding for the Handicapped Program in the Palm Springs, CA. She is an avid golfer.


Tim McQuay

NAES' Spotlight
(Tim McQuay on "Mister Montana Nick,"
Photo Courtesy of McQuay Stables)

Tim McQuay the leading All Time money earner in the National Reining Horse Association, with over $2 million dollars in winnings to his credit.

Tim has won every major National Reining Horse Association sanctioned event at least once, including the NRHA Futurity, the National Reining Breeders Classic, the NRHA Derby, and the NRHA Superstakes.

Tim qualified at least two horses for the NRHA Futurity finals each year from 1987 to 2000, and in '94, '95, and '96 he brought back all three. In 2000, he was inducted into the National Reining Horse Association Hall of Fame. In 2001, even after being sidelined mid-year with a life-threatening illness, he was still an NRHA Futurity Finalist.

With a worldwide clientele, Tim frequently travels abroad where he presents reining clinics and consults with horse owners and professionals. He has won the Italian Open Derby and along with his daughter, Mandy, he won the ’93 World Cup, representing the United States. He has qualified multiple horses for the US Equestrian Team Reining Championship Finals.

Originally from Minnesota, Tim McQuay, his wife, Colleen and daughter Mandy moved to Tioga, Texas in 1989. Since then, McQuay Stables has made the north Texas town a focal point for the equine world.


Michael Page

NAES' Spotlight
(Photo courtesy of Mr. Page)

Mr. Page is pictured here showing "Landsohn" in the New York HITS I May, 2005 Level 6 jumping class.

With an extensive riding career which shows no signs of letting up Michael continues to be one of the busiest and most successful riding clinicians in the show horse world; he regularly gives 10 to 12 clinics still judges 4 to 5 major horse shows annually.

He won the prestigious AHSA Medal finals in 1956 and represented the United States riding on the US team in 1959, 1960, 1963, 1964, 1967, and 1968.


Lyman Rollins

NAES' Spotlight
(Photo and text courtesy
Rollins Racing Stable
and Ms. Nancy Rollins)

Lyman Rollins, 85, has been training thoroughbred race horses continuously since the early 1940s, with just a brief break for a tour of duty in the Navy during World War II. He was leading trainer at Centennial Race Track in Littleton, Colorado a total of thirteen times.

Lyman was inducted into the Nebraska Racing Hall of Fame for his success at Ak-Sar-Ben Race Track in Omaha, Nebraska. He has trained world record holding thoroughbreds. He still gets up each morning at 4:00 am to train horses at Turf Paradise in Phoenix, Arizona.

Lyman and his wife, Lois, recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. They are the parents of six children, 26 grandchildren, and fifty-five great-grandchildren.


Todd Minikus

NAES' Spotlight
Todd Minikus receiving the 2001
Trophy from Olympian,
David O'Connor at the
USEF's Convention.
(Courtesy USEF Photo Archives).

The 2001 winner of the USEF Horseman of the Year, Todd has won more than 75 Grand Prix and has ridden at the upper levels of the show jumping since he was in his 20's.

Personally, I met Todd in Goodyear, Arizona many years ago and have since been very impressed with his great attitude towards horses and the sport.

The equestrian sport is in safe hands with professionals such as Todd.


Maggie Moss

NAES' Spotlight (Picture Supplied by
Ms.Maggie Moss, Esq.)
Pictured riding "Apak," (The first race horse she ever owned), is Ms. Maggie Moss, Esq., our "Spotlight" recipient for the Second Quarter 2005 newsletter.

A race horse owner, horse show exhibitor and former horse show judge, Ms. Moss wanted to make sure that her retired racing horses were sold to proper retirement farms, as was the case of U. S. Gold, a horse she owned.

Finding out the old horse had been auctioned and sold for slaughter was a wakeup call for her. Subsequently, Ms. Moss, a very successful attorney in Des Moines, Iowa, started the Midwest Retirement Foundation for retired racehorses. Her activities have saved many retired horses from being killed for food.


Don Burt

NAES' Spotlight
(Photo Courtesy Don Burt)

Don Burt has been an exhibitor, trainer, judge and all-around horseman for over 45 years. Mr. Burt, currently resides in California and is President of Equestrian Consultants Inc., which specializes in the development of horse facilities throughout the United States.

In addition, Don has authored many books and articles pertaining to sport horses, two of which were "Winning with Arabian Horses" and "Winning with the American Quarter Horse."

The American Quarter Horse Association voted Don in as its President in 1996; he's also served in official capacities in the Arabian Horse Association and the United States Equestrian Federation. He was the main inspiration behind the inclusion of Reining as an Olympic sport under the auspices of the United States Equestrian Team.


John R. Long

NAES' Spotlight (Photo Courtesy: USEF)
Since 1988, John Long has been directly involved in the equine industry. For five years, Mr. Long served as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Churchill Downs, Inc., and as a member of its Executive Committee.

He oversaw the management, operations, and planning for all of the company's racetracks and simulcast facilities.

Prior to his tenure at Churchill Downs, Inc., he spent ten years as President and Chief Operating Officer of Ladbroke/USA, one of the largest pari-mutuel operators in the country. From settling union disputes to equine medication policies to legislative affairs, Mr. Long has served on the front line, dealing directly with many constituencies in the equine industry.

In December of 2003, Mr. Long became the first Chief Executive Officer of the United States Equestrian Federation, Inc., which is the national governing body for equestrian sport in the U.S. The USEF was officially formed that same month when the former United States Equestrian Team and USA Equestrian joined together with the purpose of becoming one strong national voice for equestrian sport.

The USEF supports a membership of over 80,000, ranging from children with their first pony in their own backyard to the training and selection of our Olympic equestrian teams. Twenty-six breeds and disciplines are represented in the Federation and annually participate in more than 2600 USEF-recognized horse shows in the United States and in high performance international competitions, including the Olympic Games, the Pan American Games, and World Cup competitions.

Mr. Long and his wife, Annie, breed Friesian horses at their farm in Shelbyville, Kentucky. (Please note that his Friesian horses were showcased on our NAES website for August, 2004).

The above biography of John Long was provided by the USEF, Lexington, KY, and has been reprinted here with their permission.


Bob Glazer

NAES' Spotlight
Glazer's Horse of the Year for 2003, "No Pan Intended," (pictured below), is currently standing at stud in Canada after his 2003 Triple Crown victories; The Cane Pace Finals, the Little Brown Jug and the Messenger.

Mr. Glazer is a successful owner/breeder in the highly competitive harness racing world and in addition, is respected as a most ethical and hard working competitor.

Knowing him as I do, his attention to detail is phenomenal. Keeping track of as many as 100 racing horses is no easy task and involves daily interactions with his trainers and drivers.
NAES' Spotlight (Photo courtesy of
Peter Pan Stables)
Bob's interest in harness racing, which started around 1990, has endured numerous bumps in the road, which Bob took in stride.

He's learned patience in selecting yearlings and acquiring mature pacers to fill out his stable.

Even before Bob's "No Pan Intended" won the Triple Crown of Harness racing, he'd been recognized as "The 1997 Owner of the Year" by "The Times: in harness."


Julie Fershtman

NAES' Spotlight
(Photo Courtesy of Ms. Fershtman)

Ms. Julie Fershtman, Esq. is in our Spotlight this month owing to her terrific background in equine law. I've been privileged to work professionally with Ms. Fershtman and there's no finer horse-knowledgeable lawyer.

Ms. Fershtman has published two books for horsemen and is working on a third. Her books instruct horse owners in the intricacies of the law but in layman's language. I've read both her books and they're very instructive and easy to understand.

Practicing law from her base in Michigan since 1986, Ms. Fershtman works nationally with insurance companies and individuals interested in getting the best in equine advice. In addition, she's been asked to speak at horse-related forums & seminars in over 22 states and has been honored with numerous service awards.

Ms. Fershtman has developed her niche interest in equine law into a very successful practice helping both horsemen and insurance companies.

(Ms. Fershtman's web site is & e-mail to her may be sent to Her phone number is 248-851-4111)


Midge Leitch, M.D.

NAES' Spotlight
Dr. Midge Leitch, VMD
NAES recognizes horsewoman Dr. Midge Leitch, VMD, owner of the Londonderry Equine Clinic, Cochranville, PA. as a unique professional in the equine industry.

While trained as a surgeon her large animal equine practice now focuses on evaluating all types of Sport horses used in dressage, show jumping, driving and eventing. NAES recently spoke with Dr. Leitch at the AAEP Annual Meeting in New Orleans.

A former faculty member at the famed New Bolton Center, Dr. Leitch still keeps close tabs on the exquisite equine medicine practiced there; her clinic is within shouting distance! "If I've got a big problem with a patient, my clinic is right next to the Center"; she stated.

In speaking with Dr. Leitch it was apparent that she is a knowledgeable horseman and a superior vet. Her responsibilities have taken her throughout the world while traveling with the U. S. Equestrian Team to Seoul, Atlanta and Sydney. She currently serves as a member of the US Equestrian Federation's Veterinary Committee.

The very practical and professional experience that Dr. Leitch possesses is a boon to the horse world. She truly understands the full-time requirements necessary to being a great vet, i.e., there are no regular hours!

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