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Dear Mr. Johnson, thank you for your outstanding job performance on the equine appraisal of two Haflingers, harnesses, wagon and equipment.

The pictures were clear and crisp, the presentation was just what the IRS likes to see and the documentation was specific and detailed.

Your expert and thorough work is much appreciated.
I am very confidant that the IRS will be most impressed with the professionalism and detail of your report, thank you for the excellent service.
J. H. Alexander

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Litigation Consultant, David D. Johnson WHAT DOES A LITIGATION CONSULTANT DO?

One of the most important aspects of our work, here at NAES, is the discussions with lawyers, insurance companies and others interested in common standards of job performance in the horse industry.

These would include proof that the consultant is using methods acceptable in the industry, proving that he or she has a deep understanding of all elements involved in the case.

There are two types of case experts: Consulting and Testifying


The first is the "Consulting Expert" who is asked to explain the horse-related factors involved in a specific case. These factors can often influence the eventual outcome. Consideration of all the related areas of liability can aid in the development of your case. The consulting expert is not expected to testify at trial and therefore can be extremely candid with his client because his work product will never be disclosed to the opposing side.

When looking for a "equine expert," either consulting or testifying, it is important to find an individual that has a broad background in the specific areas of your interest, (IE, training, sales, commissions, trail rides, horse showing, judging, etc).

By the way, it’s not necessary that the chosen "expert" have a huge law background, but rather a large horse background. Since courts often look at an expert as a "teacher," the person should impress you with how well they comprehend the set of circumstances.


The testifying "expert", like the Consulting Expert reviews the facts but will be expected to testify at deposition and at trial. Therefore all the research and correspondence performed by this Testifying Expert is discoverable by the opposing side.

The testifying expert must be absolutely unflappable under potential cross examination; (These people are not easily found!).

As an interested client, insurance or legal specialist, you must be a true detective in expert determination.

Legal Services provided by NAES SERVICES PROVIDED BY NAES
  • Review of testimony and exhibits from witness depositions.

  • Review of cases from retaining counsel.

  • Preparation of rebuttal questions.

  • Candid explanation to counsel on case merits or lack thereof.

  • Case files stored indefinitely in climate controlled conditions.

  • Provide either verbal or written expert opinions.
Legal Services provided by NAES SETTLEMENT SERVICES
  • Farm operations and appraisals.

  • Review of opposing valuations and appraisals.

  • Qualified Equine Appraisals (multi-breed and performance disciplines).

Having what you, the client, think is a very winnable horse case relies on how much complete and accurate information you provide your attorney.
  • Either by computer or longhand you must record everything that occurs relative to your case.

  • Conversations, dates and exact times, witnesses with addresses and phone numbers all need to be written down.

  • Your attorney will eventually wish to speak to your witnesses if possible.
As time goes by you will forget important facts unless you write them down. In addition, many states will allow you to refer to your extemporaneous notes as evidence.

  • Your case synopsis should be in large (14 point) bold faced type and double space the lines. That will make it so much easier to review by all concerned parties.

  • Don’t ever think that your random thoughts about your case are NOT important… always put them in as well.

Good luck in your case and listen to your lawyer! Please call Dave Johnson at 623-582-8635 for more advice.

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