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Horses of the Month for 2018

December 2018

The Friesian Horse

In 2000 I was asked to perform an appraisal of a 10 year old Friesian stallion.
I hadn’t ever appraised a Friesian and was very impressed with this fine stallion.
He was quiet and generally very easy to work with.

After doing more research I discovered that the Friesian horse was, in fact, a wonderful horse for an amateur owner to handle. Therein is the reason the Friesian has become as popular as they are. The breed is quite typically quiet to work with and able to do so many things very well.

My focus this month is on a 60 Time World Grand National Champion with 73 Regional Championships - a Friesian stallion “SJOERD.” Early in his career at six years old, he garnered 38 Lifetime World/Grand Champion National Champion titles.

Horse of the month for December 2018
Photo courtesy of Three Day Ranch

Horse of the month for December 2018
Photo courtesy of Kidder Equine Design
Horse of the month for December 2018
Photo courtesy of Three Day Ranch

“SJOERN” is a great example of the now very popular breed, especially since the Friesian horse can do so many things willingly.

Since appraising my first Friesian many years ago, I’ve been asked to do several more, including the famous “NANNING 374.”

Horse of the month for December 2018
Photo provided by Lloyds of London

NAES was asked by Lloyds of London to perform a follow-up appraisal of the very expensive Friesian stallion owned by Mr. and Mrs. Kelnhofer of Hortonville, Wisconsin.

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November 2018

PACER – Makes Harness Racing History

Who is the 2009 Bay Stallion by Yankee Cruiser out of Sweet Future who holds the
World Record for Aged and All-Age Pacer on five-eights mile track…1.47.0?

Horse of the month for November 2018
Photo courtesy Diamond Creek Farm

A two year old pacer named "The Great White Blaze", nickname Sweet Lou. He also holds title: 2yo Pacing Colt of the Year in 2011. In 2014 this magnificent pacer won 10 consecutive races, with six consecutive wins in sub 1:48, the only pacer in harness racing history to achieve this level of success. Today many of his offspring’s carry his trademark blaze and the athletic ability of winning. 

80% of the horses registered with the U.S. Trotting Association are pacers.

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October 2018

Appendix Quarter Horse Mare

Horse of the Month for October 2018
Photograph provided by Ms. Arrowsmith-Lowe

Miss Blazing Light is the granddaughter of the famous Dash For Cash. The very attractive Appendix Quarter Horse mare is shown here just prior to being sold as a working hunter prospect and was owned by Ms. Janet Arrowsmith-Lowe of Ruidoso, NM. NAES was asked to do the certified appraisal.

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September 2018

American Saddlebred Mare

Horse of the month for September 2018
Photograph provided by Ms. Friedman

This month’s very special horse is the stunning American Saddlebred mare, “MY AMORE.”
Both 3 gaited and 5 gaited horses are not quite as popular as they used to be, but NAES was asked to perform an appraisal of the gorgeous 5-Gaited show horse mare who was the Sweepstakes Champion at the 2017 All American Horse Classic.

The five gaits are as follows: Walk, trot, canter, slow gait and the rack. You should also note that the five gaited show horse has a long mane and tail, while the three gaited horse has a roached mane.

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August 2018


Horse of the month for August 2018
Photo by NAES

The very successful 11 year old Trakehner show horse belongs to Ms. Liz Benton of Boulder, Colorado. Ms. Benton asked NAES to complete an appraisal for additional insurance. The horse has been quite successful in both the one meter jumper division and in the Children’s Working Hunter divisions.

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July 2018

The Toric

Horse of the month for July 2018
An "old" Toric horse, original breed is in decline (about 200-300 remain)

The Toric, or Tori, breed was established in the 19th century in Estonia.
The foundation sire is considered to be the stallion Hetman, who had Norfolk Trotter and Anglo-Norman roots.

Conformation is a medium-to-large head with a straight profile, a long, muscular neck, massive shoulders and a broad, deep brisket. The back is long, but is wide with muscular quarters. The legs are strong with good joints and strong tendons.

This makes them suited for farming and heavy agricultural work, well adapted to the Estonian meteorological climate. The Toric stands around 15 hands and the color ranges from chestnut, gray, brown, bay or black with white markings.

Horse of the month for July 2018
Tori horse of old universal type, stallion Lennar

The Toric/Tori was developed by crossing the Klepper with Arabian, Hackney, East Friesian, Ardennes, Hanover, Thoroughbred, Orlov, and Trakehner blood. It is sometimes called the Estonian Klepper or the Double Klepper.

Today, the breeders have created a lighter sport horse-type Tori, which has resulted in the rapid decline of the purebred. In 2012, a separate studbook was formed for the Old-Tori horses to preserve the breed. In 2014, only a hundred purebred Estonian Tori horses were found in Estonia.

Horse of the month for July 2018
Tori horse of sport type, stallion Preester,  that is lighter in build.

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June 2018

The British Riding Pony

Horse of the month for June 2018
(Salvandi Nice & Easy is shown here in 2008 –
The Photograph was provided by the British Riding Pony Association)

The British Riding Pony is a breed of pony developed in the 1920’s beginning with crossing a Welsh and Dartmore breeds. The ponies height varies between 12.2 and 14.2 hands. The examples of the breed are quite refined and are easily trained for the hunter show ring.

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May 2018

Einsiedler/Swiss –Warmblood

Horse of the month for May 2018

The Benedictine Monastery of Einsiedeln, Switzerland 10th century, is the origin of the Einsiedler/Swiss –Warmblood. It was at this monastery where it was first bred. The official stud book for this breed first began in 1655 and in the 19th century a Yorkshire Coach Horse and Anglo Norman mares were brought in to improve the breed. At an average of 16 hands and 1500lbs.

These beautiful horses are easy to train, alert and have a gentle manner. Their coloring covers a large range; chestnut, bay, buckskin, roan, black, grullo, gray, dun, buckskin, champagne, cremello, palomino and an occasional paint. This bred is known for good conformation and sound athletic abilities.

Originally the Einsiedler was used as cavalry horses and they now grace the jumping and dressage show rings, endurance sports events and are enjoyed in recreational riding. The Einsiedler/Swedish Warmblood is bred and raised at the Federal Stud located in Avenches of Switzerland and branded with a Swiss cross for identification.

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April 2018

American Quarter Horse – Trail

Horse of the month for April 2018
Susan Johns of Paradise Valley was named a trails champion at the
2017 AQHA Select World Championship Show in Amarillo, Texas. (Submitted photo)

Lopin For A Chex, a 2007 AQH gelding sired by “Lazy Loper” and out of “She Bee A Chex,” loves to perform.
At the 2017 AQHA Select World Championship Show in Amarillo, Texas he claimed the world championship
and reserve world championship titles in trail. This good looking bay is owned by Susan Johns of Paradise Valley.

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March 2018

" Brentina"

Horse of the month for March 2018
Photo courtesy of Archive

Brentina a Hanoverian mare, owned by Peggy and Parry Thomas and her rider Debbie McDonald
made dressage history, in fact a number of times.

This 16-2 hand, chestnut Hanoverian mare and Ms. McDonald became the first U.S. equestrian double gold medalist at the Pan American Games since 1983.  In 2002 they received a team silver medal and finished fourth individually, World Equestrian Games in Jerez, Spain.

At the 2003 FEI World Cup Final, in Gothenburg, Sweden,
Brentina became the first American horse to win the FEI World Cup Final.

The dynamic pair took third at the 2005 World Cup Final in Las Vegas. At the 2004 Olympic Games Brentina and Debbie lead the U.S. team to a bronze medal and took fourth individually.  And, she wrapped up her historical career by representing the U.S. at the 2008 Olympic Games in Hong Kong. Brentina was named the inaugural USEF Horse of the Year in 2005 and inducted into the Roemer Foundation USDF Hall of Fame in 2009. A dressage program was named in her honor.

And quoting Debbie McDonald, "I have never had a horse that was willing to come to work every single day, I give that mare the credit. What she gives on a daily basis is amazing."

Horse of the month for March 2018

Horse of the month for March 2018
Nancy Jaffer/For The Star-Ledger
Debbie McDonald and Brentina at the 2006 World Equestrian Games

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February 2018

The Arabian Horse

A breed that is over 5,000 years old and is known as the oldest breed recorded has carried kings, royals and equine enthusiasts through war, celebrations and world sporting events. The Bedouins, a desert tribe in the Arabian Peninsula were the first to domesticated this breed and to this day they have kept is breed old horse as purebred Arabian. In keeping with tradition many purebred Arabian names begin with ‘Bint’ or “Ibn”. These prefixes are rough translations for the Bedouin words for ‘daughter of’ or ‘son of’.

The Arabian Horse Unique Characteristics:
  • 14 hands and 15.2 hands & weigh from 800 lbs to 1000 lbs.
  • Arabian horses of Polish, Russian and Anglo bloodlines exceed 15.3.
  • Black skin underneath their coats, except underneath any white hair.
  • One less vertebra than other breeds of horses.
  • Coat colors: grey, bay, chestnuts, blacks, and roan.
  • Dished face, arching neck and wide intelligent eyes.
  • Gaits: “floating” - forward movement.
  • Purebred Arabians bloodlines are used to refine any bred. Selective breeding insures that certain bloodlines retain the size and type they were selected for. Certain breeds will keep their fine boned, while others are more substantially built.
A terrific sports horse and no challenge is to great. The purebred Arabian and the breeds that carry the Arabian genes are excellent competitors in Dressage, Hunters- on flat /over jumps, Endurance, Driving, Western events and week-end trail rides.

Purebred Arabian Stallion

Horse of the month for February 2018
Photo Courtesy:!/horse/gender=stallion&horse=a.s.-natsir-apal&id=393

2005 Reserve Champion Stallion, Ajman & 2006 First Place Stallions Nine Years Old and Over, Dubai.

Examples of Arabian Bloodlines Refining Selected Breeds

Polish Arabian Filly

Horse of the month for February 2018
Photo Courtesy:

Two-year-old filly Piacolla fetched €305,000 at the Pride of Poland sale in 2014 for Michałów Stud.

Russian Arabian Stallion

Horse of the month for February 2018
Photo Courtesy:

KAMELOT (RU) 22.2.2000  Bay Straight Russian Arabian stallion. Anchar {Moment x Nutria by Topol} x Kameia {Mastak x Kaya by Semen} Bred by Khrenovoe State.

Thoroughbred & Anglo Arab Stallion

Horse of the month for February 2018
Photo Courtesy:

Future Gravitas’ sire is the only horse in history to qualify for all 3 Bundeschampionats – in Eventing, Show jumping &Dressage.  He has more than 50% thoroughbred & Anglo Arab blood & demonstrates outstanding movement, a scopey effortless jump & an incredibly cool and trainable temperament.

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January 2018

KWPN Gelding

Horse of the month for January 2018
Nifty Hamilton and Makari Design (

2017 USEF Single Horse Combined Driving National Championship
 at the Kentucky Classic CDE
Nifty Hamilton (Alva, Fla.) and Makari Design, a nine-year-old KWPN gelding owned by herself and Milton Hamilton, completed the cones course with 2.85 penalty points. Hamilton secured the title of national champion with a combined score of 143.31 points after the dressage, marathon, and cones phases.

Horse of the month for January 2018
Nifty Hamilton and Makari Design (

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