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Horses of the Month for 2016

December 2016

Horse of the Month for December 2016
(Photo supplied by Angela Bean)
"CORSAGE" is the 12 year old Oldenburg owned by Ms. Angela Bean of Glenmoore, PA.
NAES was asked to perform the appraisal for this very successful dressage and working hunter performer.

November 2016

Horse of the month for November 2016
(Photo supplied by Suzanne Buenting)

Horse of the Month for November, 2016 is “Wolkenglanz” a 12 year old chestnut Hanoverian gelding owned by Ms. Suzanne Buenting of Reno, NV. He was imported from Germany when he was 6 years old and has performed successfully as a dressage horse in the Prix St. George classes. NAES was asked to do an appraisal for a deductible donation at year’s end.

October 2016

Horse of the Month for October 2016
A Major Hottie AA+ 2008 Chestnut Half-Arabian Mare
(also registered National Show Horse)

The National Show Horse (NSH)
originated as a part-Arabian cross between an American Saddlebred
and an Arabian horse. Established as a separate breed, since the founding of a breed registry in August 1981.
Registered animals may be the offspring of registered NSH parents or may be a combination between
an American Saddlebred, Arabian, and a National Show Horse.

The NSH incorporates the refinement of the Arabian with the animation of the Saddlebred.
NSH horse has the high-set, upright, long, swan-like neck of the Saddlebred.
The neck should not have a pronounced crest. The head is usually refined and small,
with small ears and either a straight or concave profile. The horses are close-coupled
with a level topline and have a very deep, laid back shoulder.

Height: 14.3-16.2 hands tall and coloring is broad – pinto, bay, chestnut, black, gray and palomino.

The NSH competes in most disciplines: saddle seat, western and english pleasure,
dressage, driving and show jumping. Their high-stepping action and can be trained to move
with a very elevated front end and can be trained to be five-gaited,
adding the slow gait and rack to the traditional gaits.

The National Show Horse shall strive to produce an athletic horse which retains size, beauty and refinement. Specifically, the following traits are desirable:

A. Motion. Balanced and obvious power from the hindquarters flowing into an elevated front end,
the front legs showing both flexion and extension;

B. Neck. Very long, set high on the shoulder and relatively upright with fine throatlatch. The neck should be shapely but without a pronounced crest;

C. Head. Relatively small, short and refined with large eyes and small, well placed ears and a straight or slightly concave profile (a "Roman nosed" or convex profile is not desirable);

D. Pronounced withers and a very deep and well laid back shoulder;

E. Proportionately short back closely coupled with a long hip and relatively level top line
(moderately sloping croup not to be penalized);

F. Legs. Correct from all angles with long forearms and short cannon bones in front and long,
well angled pasterns front and rear;

G.Refinement of bone but not lacking in substance, especially in the chest, girth,
shoulder and hip;

H.A relatively high set tail, natural and flowing;

I. When observed at rest or in motion, the horse must exhibit a natural presence and, when animated, extreme brilliance. The horse must exhibit high carriage when showing or relaxed.

September 2016

Horse of the Month for September 2016

VPS Hilkens Sweet Energy
Roseglen Farm, Pipers Creek, Victoria, Australia, 3444

Owners: Tina & Steve Baker
Sire: Nemax (Niveau/ Nico the Champ)
Dam: VPS Sweet Cream (Champion de Luxe/ Alexander)
D.O.B: Foaled 2010 Height: 146cm

Characteristics of German Riding Pony (GRP) The German Riding Pony very similar to that of a full-sized horse. Only the head is pony-like, giving the appearance of having a easy manner and friendly disposition. The GRP is between 138 cm and 148 cm or approximately 13.2 hands to 14.2 hands. In some European competition, ponies up to 151 cm are allowed, and these taller animals can compete against full-sized horses at CDI FEI-sanctioned competition.

The German Riding Pony is bred to be handled by children and adolescents. The athleticism of the GRP is suited for dressage, working hunter and jumping disciplines. Today, the German Riding Pony breed has distinct bloodlines, and all GRP’s that will be used as breeding stock must pass extensive inspections. They are registered through Weser-Ems, a registry based in Vechta, Germany and partnered with the Oldenburg registry.

August 2016

Horse of the Month for August 2016 Horse of the Month for August 2016

The Queens’ Household Cavalry Horses
During the early years, two of the Queens’ Household Cavalry Horses troops, “The Life Guards” and “The Royal Horse Guards” supplied their own mounts up to the Second World War. As a result, uniformity must have been an impossible challenge. By 1681 black horses became the standard and archive records show that they used smaller horses, which are not acceptable by today’s standards.

Today, the selection and purchase of Regiment black horses are made by the Riding Master, and Regimental Veterinary Officer. They attend all buying commissions, together with members of the Royal Army Veterinary Corps. Training is under the direction of the Riding Master.

Horses are purchased between the age of three and four years old. Although horses should be black all over, some white markings on head and legs are acceptable. Height must measure 16 hands or more. As of 1997 all Regimental horses have been fitted with a microchip for identification.

The average age of retirement for Regimental horses is about 17 or 18 years of age, however some make it into their 20s.

July 2016

Horse of the Month for July 2016
(Photo courtesy Boulonnaise Team hitch 4 front)

The birth of the first Boulonnais colt foal in Gloucestershire this year secures the future for the rare French draught breed in Britain. The Boulonnais temperament and physiology lends the breed to many disciplines: Competitive driving, hacking out, endurance, pulling a plough, and in some cases going over fences. Today there are under 1,000 horses left in Europe, mainly concentrated in the Saumur area by the French/Belgium border.

June 2016

Horse of the Month for June 2016
(Photo courtesy Monnington Farm - WGC Marc of Charm
ridden by Lionel Ferreira)

A Saddlebred Classic - "WGC Marc of Charm" is six times World Champion and is the 2015 Five Gaited World’s Grand Champion, owned by Riverdreams LLC. He is not just a pretty face; his athletic body, power, personality and trainability
made him a champion. This year alone, he sired two World Champions and one National Champion. Since winning the Five-Gaited World’s Grand Championship in 2015, WGC Marc of Charm has retired from the show ring and will stand to the public at Monnington Farm in Simpsonville, KY.

May 2016

Horse of the month for May 2016
(Photo courtesy:

Palloubet d'Halong, a 10 year–old Selle Francais gelding was purchased in 2013 by Jan Tops for an estimated 11 million Euros ($15 million U.S. dollars). In 2009 Swiss rider Janika Sprunger, began working and shaping him as a 6-year-old and launched Palloubet to the grand prix level. In the first four years of his career Palloubet’s athletic ability gained international notoriety. In 2013 he finished second in the Grand Prix at CHIO Aachen and seventh individually at the FEI European Jumping Championships.

April 2016

Horse of the Month for April 2016
(Photo courtesy

The Clydesdale Breeders of the U.S.A. has announced its highest selling Clydesdale ever at the National Clydesdale Sale.
The 6-year old gelding, "Mark" sold for $60,000, topping the previous sale record of $40,000 in 2006.
The National Clydesdale Sale took place Saturday, April 26, at the Michiana Events Center in Howe, Indiana.

More than 150 Clydesdales were sold at the 2014 National Clydesdale Sale, which included mares, geldings and stallions from throughout the U.S. and Canada. The top-selling entry, named “Mark,” stands more than 18 hands tall and weighs nearly 2,000 pounds. Mark was consigned by JFP Equine of Waterloo, Il., and the purchaser resides in Tallahassee, Fla.

March 2016

Horse of the month for March 2016
(Photo provided by the horse’s trainer, Marc Grandia)

WILEY POST is this month’s Horse of the Month. The 14 year old Thoroughbred gelding, ridden by Olympian Buck Davidson, has been one of the top international three day eventing horses. NAES was asked to perform the appraisal.

February 2016

Horse of the Month for February 2016
(Photo provided by NAES)

MORPHEUS, is this month’s Horse of the Month, a 4 year old Trakehner being trained as a dressage prospect.
NAES was asked to perform the appraisal during a divorce proceeding in a San Francisco court.

January 2016

Horse of the Month for January 2016

(Photo supplied by M.A.C. Sports International, LLC)

This month’s Horse of the Month, Chamonix H is a Swedish Warmblood Mare: Equest Carnute x Wotin. Rider, Kelli Cruciotti began showing Chamonix H in the winter of 2014 and since then the two have become an incredible duo. In the winter of 2015, they won the Artisan Farms Under 25 Grand Prix Wk. II and placed 3rd in the Under 25 Finals Wk. XI at the Winter Equestrian Festival. The pair then went on to win the $100,000 Sapphire Grand Prix of Devon to cement their place in history as the youngest winners to ever win the prestigious class.

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