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Horses of the Month for 2008:

December 2008

Horse of the Month December 2008
(Photo by NAES who also did the appraisal)

Horse of the month for December, 2008 is the 15 year old International Sport Horse gelding, whose grandsire was the famous “ALL THE GOLD.” “ADAGIO” most recently won the 2007 Colorado Hunter and Jumper Association’s Junior Medal Class; he had previously been Grand Hunter Sire and High Point Stallion in the ISP Futurity.

November 2008

Horse of the Month November 2008
(Photo provided by Mr. Ron Moore)

Horse of the month for November, 2008 is "ALAMAR'S AMERICAN FLYER," a 13 year old Morgan gelding recently donated to the United States National Park Police's Mounted Patrol Unit. The former owner was Ron Moore of San Ramon, California. NAES did the donation appraisal for the owner.

October 2008

Horse of the Month October 2008
(Photo by Flashpoint 2008)

Horse of the month for October 2008 is the Dutch Warmblood stallion, Arkus, owned by Ms. Liz Lukes. He is a five year old by the renown sire, ISF Judgement. He’s shown here performing in the Jumper Division at Culpepper, VA. The rider is Laurie Jacoubaskas. NAES recently did the appraisal.

September 2008

Horse of the Month September 2008
(Photo provided by the Drum family)

Horse of the month for September 2008 is "Rosebelle," a 10 year old half Appaloosa, owned by Anne Hanna, and shown here by Amelia Drum at the Kentucky Horse Park. The pony jumper is being ridden to a 6th place individual at the 2008 USEF Pony Finals.

August 2008

Horse of the Month August 2008
(Photo Courtesy of Claudette Campagna)

Horse of the Month for August, 2008 is the 10 year old "SHOTS MIDNIGHT COMET." The registered APHA has won 12 APHA PtHA World & Reserve Championships. He has many Superiors in the roping divisions and stands at Rockin Star Ranch. Campbell, TX. Contact owner, Claudette Campagna, at 936-662-9672 for more information.

July 2008

Horse of the Month July 2008
(Scotty Turnquist gives permission to use his and
FRECKLES picture on the NAES site. Photo by NAES)

Horse of the month for July 2008 is the 34-year young American Quarter Horse, "FRECKLES" owned and loved by Scotty Turnquist and the goats "GEORGE" and "OREO." "FRECKLES" used to run barrels for Scotty's daughters and is now seen here walking around the block with his goats in Phoenix. Scotty is a true horseman who figures he owes the old horse a peaceful retirement.

June 2008

Horse of the Month June 2008
(Photo by Littlefield & provided by the Whitmire Ranches)

Horse of the month for June 2008 is the 8 year old American Quarter Horse, "Dual Hickory Nita" being ridden by her owner, Ms. Lanie Whitmire of Salisaw, Oklahoma in a National Cutting Horse Association event.

May 2008

Horse of the Month May 2008

"Athena", a 4-year old warmblood from Ohio. Starting first level dressage.

April 2008

Horse of the Month April 2008
(Photograph used with the permission of Dr. Pollak;
Photo by Frieze Frame Ent.)

This Andalusian dressage horse Que Macho Hi was foaled in 1996 and was owned by Dr. & Mrs. Mitchell Pollak. The horse is pictured during the Wellington Dressage series of shows in 2005 being ridden by Ms. Ingrid Pollak.

March 2008

Horse of the Month March 2008
(Photo supplied by the McQuay Stables and
used with their permission)

HORSE of the MONTH for March, 2008 is the reining horse, "Haidachino Hollywood," being shown by the only $1,000,000.00 Amateur winner, Ms. Mandy McCutcheon of Texas.

February 2008

Horse of the Month February 2008
(Photo provided by Mr.. & Mrs.. Steve Short
and used with their permission)

Horse of the Month for February 2008 is the Thoroughbred mare, (now deceased), Prim and Proper. The rider /owner is Ms. Patra Short of Texas showing in the Adult Amateur division in Waco, TX, 2005. NAES did an opinion on the horse.

January 2008

Horse of the Month January 2008
(Photo by Randi Muster and provided by Libby Hytinen)

Horse of the month for January, 2008 is the Hanoverian mare, “Adriana” being shown by her former owner, Sharon Schmidt in the Senior Adult Jumpers, Wellington, FL. NAES did the appraisal for Libby Hytinen, the new owner.

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