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Horses of the Month for 2006

December 2006

Horse of the Month December 2006
(Photo supplied by Ms. Julie Butcher, Leesburg, VA)

Horse of the month for December, 2006 is the 14 year old Thoroughbred Adult Amateur Jumper, “GOLDY’S LAW FIRM” owned by Ms. Julie Butcher of Leesburg, VA. The horse is currently standing reserve champion in the Virginia Horse Shows Association for 2006.

November 2006

Horse of the Month November 2006
(Photo by Rick Hood Photography;

Horse of the Month for November, 2006 is the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse. “Hella Bella,” is shown here being exhibited by Mrs. Debbie Hood of Georgetown, KY at this years State Championship Show in Herrodsburg, KY. The breed has been developed for over 200 years but the official KMSHA was formed in 1989 representing over 18,000 registered horses.

October 2006

Horse of the Month October 2006
(Photo Courtesy of Phelps Media)

Horse of the Month for October 2006 is the legendary Oldenburg stallion “DONNERHALL” shown here being ridden by Ms. Karin Rehbein of Germany. The horse influenced the entire dressage world as a producer of over 77 approved stallions in his breeding career. He died just short of his twentieth birthday in 2002.

September 2006

Horse of the Month September 2006
(Photo provided courtesy of the McQuay Stables)

Horse of the Month for September, 2006 is “Mister Nicadual,” a six year old Quarter Horse stallion owned by Jerry Kimmel and ridden by Tim McQuay of Texas to a tie for the 2006 Open Reining Championship at the Kentucky Horse Park.

August 2006

Horse of the Month August 2006

Horse of the Month for August, 2006 is “Heart of Gold,” a Warmblood hunter previously owned by the Leon Black family of Manhattan, New York and donated to Dartmouth College, New Hampshire. NAES did the appraisal.

July 2006

Horse of the Month July 2006
(Photo by Connie Kelts and supplied by
the Rosenzweig family)

Horse of the Month for July 2006 Is “Who's That” shown here winning Champion Amateur Owner Working Hunter at a Las Colinas, TX horse show, February, 2006. The owner/rider is Ms. Katie Rosenzweig a student at SMU, Dallas, TX.

June 2006

Horse of the Month June 2006
(Photograph used with permission of Robert E. Younger)

Horse of the Month for June 2006 is an 8 year old Oldenburg gelding by the famous stallion, Alla’ Czar. The horse was being shown at the 2005 Area X Regional Championships by his owner, AmyGrace Hauschild of Flagstaff, Arizona.

May 2006

Horse of the Month May 2006
(Photo supplied by Copperspring Farm of Oregon)

Horse of the Month for May 2006 is the dressage stallion, “Donnerluck.”
Produced by the famous “Donnerschlag” whose own sire was arguably the best dressage on record, “Donnerhall.” “Donnerluck” is regularly bred to 16 to 20 mares and still successfully competes.

April, 2006

Horse of the Month April 2006
(Photo by NAES)

Horse of the Month for April, 2006 is the Dutch Warmblood, KWPN), named “Kroon Gavin,” and was eligible to show in the upcoming World Equestrian Games in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The great-jumping mare has been successfully shown by Ms. Mollie Ashe of Wellington, FL.

March, 2006

Horse of the Month March 2006
(Photo by Benoit Photo & Supplied by
Rollins Racing Stable)

Horse of the month for March 2006 is the Thoroughbred mare, “Kresgeville,” owned by Ms. Sandra Hall of Arizona. The horse is shown here after winning the Manhattan Beach Stakes $75,000 Added at Hollywood Park, California. The jockey is Ms. Jocelyn Kenny-Martin. The trainer is Mr. Bradley Rollins.

February, 2006

Horse of the Month February 2006
(Photo Courtesy of Ms. Heather Reynolds)

Horse of the Month for February, 2006 is the Arabian horse, “Crystal’s Charm.” The horse has competed as a nationally ranked Endurance horse, winning the 100 mile Pan American race in 2001 and competing in the United Arab Emirates in 2002.

“Crystal” at 13 years old is still a successful campaigner having won numerous rides. The Arabian is frequently used in endurance events because of the breed’s physical abilities.

January, 2006

Horse of the Month January 2006

The German Riding Pony, a breed that was developed over 35 years ago aimed at the junior rider. The ponies perform in dressage, jumping and eventing classes. “Zitnas Golden Valentina” is a State Premium Mare owned by the Gestuit Zitna breeding farm of the Czech Republic.

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