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Horse of the Month for July, 2018
The Toric

Horse of the month for July 2018
An "old" Toric horse, original breed is in decline (about 200-300 remain)

The Toric, or Tori, breed was established in the 19th century in Estonia.
The foundation sire is considered to be the stallion Hetman, who had Norfolk Trotter and Anglo-Norman roots.

Conformation is a medium-to-large head with a straight profile, a long, muscular neck, massive shoulders and a broad, deep brisket. The back is long, but is wide with muscular quarters. The legs are strong with good joints and strong tendons.

This makes them suited for farming and heavy agricultural work, well adapted to the Estonian meteorological climate. The Toric stands around 15 hands and the color ranges from chestnut, gray, brown, bay or black with white markings.

Horse of the month for July 2018
Tori horse of old universal type, stallion Lennar

The Toric/Tori was developed by crossing the Klepper with Arabian, Hackney, East Friesian, Ardennes, Hanover, Thoroughbred, Orlov, and Trakehner blood. It is sometimes called the Estonian Klepper or the Double Klepper.

Today, the breeders have created a lighter sport horse-type Tori, which has resulted in the rapid decline of the purebred. In 2012, a separate studbook was formed for the Old-Tori horses to preserve the breed. In 2014, only a hundred purebred Estonian Tori horses were found in Estonia.

Horse of the month for July 2018
Tori horse of sport type, stallion Preester,  that is lighter in build.

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