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May through December, 2021

Horse of the Month for November 2021

Akhal-Teke Horse - TURKMENISTAN

Horse of the month

Horse of the month

Horse of the month

Akhal-Teke Horse - TURKMENISTAN
History and Genetics:

Considered one of the oldest hot-blooded breeds and probably the oldest of Horse Type III. The Akhal-Teke predates the Arabian by 1,000 years and was know as the war horse of war horses.

The breed colors very, however keeping to solid metallic colors including buckskins and palominos. Authorities have confirmed that the breed influenced the Thoroughbred as foundation stock. Athletic in confirmation with the trademark "hooded" eye, the Akhal-Teke have long necks and strong legs giving them a forward movement of fluidity with great endurance.

Their temperaments are fierce, brave, and loyal to their rider/partner. In Russia and Central Asia the Akhal-Teke is used for racing. Globally their athletic ability is utilized in dressage, show jumping, and eventing. They stand at 14.2 to 16 hands and average 900-1000 pounds.

Current Global Population: 6,000 - Highest concentrations in Russian and Turkmenistan
North American Population: 400
Global Breeding Activity: Unkown
With global breeding activity depressed, more effort is needed between breeders and registries.

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