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Horses of the Month for 2019

September 2019

Horse of the month is the Danish “Knabstrup,” established in 1812 and because of the multiple varieties of coat colors they were popular as circus horses. Even though one of Denmark’s oldest breeds, the population has dropped markedly, although they are now seen as hunters and jumpers, dressage and carriage horses.

The horse’s heights vary from 15.2 to 16 hands, (Remember, one hand is 4 inches), and are generally light to medium in build with a powerful hind quarters. More at this link:

Horse of the month for September, 2019
(Photograph provided by

Horse of the month for September, 2019 - Rider on horse

August 2019

Horse of the month for August, 2019 is the German bred Black Forest Horse of southern Germany. The breed has been around for over 600 years and was instrumental in helping farming before the internal combustion engine was used for automobiles and tractors.

Horse of the month for August, 2019
(Photograph provided by Black Forest .ca/history/)

LVV Modigliani,Lde/Startseite/Hengste/LVV+Modigliani/?LISTPAGE=2852684
The official stud book was started in the late 1800’s for the Schwarzwalder Fuchs or the Black Forest Horse. Although they were developed as a draft breed, they rarely were taller than 16 hands but were still capable of pulling enormous loads.

July 2019

Horse of the month for July, 2019 is the Danish Warmblood gelding, “French Match”.
The 7 year old hunter is owned by Ms. Nancy Tuor-Moore of Denver, Colorado.
NAES was asked to perform the appraisal.

Horse of the month for July, 2019
Photograph provided by Nancy Tuor-Moore

June 2019

The American Mustang, COBRA owned by Ms. Marsha Hartford-Sapp of Tallahassee, Florida.

Horse of the month for June 2019
Photo Courtesy: Ms. Marsha Hartford-Sapp

In the rarified atmosphere of the horse show world the exhibitors generally use Thoroughbreds or Warmbloods and other breeds which have usually been the traditional horses used for the show ring.

However, Mustang horses, famous for their large herds and running free in the Southwestern United States, have never been used much, if at all, in upper level dressage arenas or in hunter/jumper classes which have typically been dominated by the “more traditional” breeds.

That’s most likely going to change after the very successful campaigning of COBRA, one of the most successful Mustangs ever to be shown. The 15 year old American Mustang competed successfully in the Prix St. George upper level dressage required tests, with scores into the 60’s, (All together, very good scores).

In 2017 COBRA and Marsha were invited to the Breyerfest 3-day held at the Kentucky Horse Park. So you’ll be able to purchase a Breyer Horse Model of this quite famous Mustang at your favorite hobby store. In addition, the pair were invited to the 2019 Breyerfest to be held again at the Horse Park in July 12 through 14, 2019.

COBRA is a wonderful example of how hard work and a super owner/trainer can bring an American Mustang up to competing on the national scene. And finally, the horse’s winning the International Horse of the Year trophy from the United States Equestrian Federation put the cap on the several years of outstanding performances.

NAES has included several photos showing one very handsome Mustang, and we’re very proud to show this super horse in the NAES’ Monthly Horse of the Month.

Horse of the month for June 2019 Horse of the month for June 2019 Horse of the month for June 2019
Photos Courtesy: Ms. Marsha Hartford-Sapp

Ms. Hartford told me that COBRA will be retired from active showing, and she has offered to send us instructive articles on training this special horse in particular and the American Mustang in general.

May 2019

Radically Painted, APHA Bay Overo Mare

Horse of the month for April 2019
Photo Courtesy:

Radically Painted sired by Radicalized with show records of 3 Time World Champion & 5-Time Reserve World Champion. And, dam by Eternal Norfleet APHA Champion and Superior Halter and Western Pleasure.

Radically Painted is terrific example of a bay Overo mare. Her accomplishment are many: 2017 Reserve World Champion Youth 14-18 Trail, 2017 Reserve World Champion Youth 14-18 Western Horsemanship, 2016 World Champion Youth 14-18 Western Horsemanship, 2016 World Champion Youth 14-18 Western Pleasure, 2015 Reserve World Champion Youth 14-18 Hunter Under Saddle, 2014 Reserve World Champion Green Western Riding, and 2013 World Champion Green Trail.

Horse of the month for March 2019
Photo Courtesy:

April 2019


An old breed of horse called Salernitano, or Salerno is an endangered breed and comes from a province of Salerno in southern Italy.

Horse of the month for April 2019
Photo Courtesy:

There were no formal breeding programs until 1780’s. At that time they began a selective breeding program at the Persano Stud, with a combination of the local stock and Lipizzans, Andalusians and Neapolitans. Starting in the early nineteenth century, Thoroughbred blood was introduced.
And, in the 1970’s a conservation program was created.

It is well-proportioned, with strong legs and has a good disposition. Stands 16 to 17 hands and color is usually chestnut, bay, black and grey.

The Salernitano played a big part as a military horse, however in the 1920’s it became principally a sport horse. A famous Salernitano horse, Posillipo took the gold at the 1960 Summer Olympics.

Horse of the month for March 2019
Photo Courtesy:

March 2019

"Spot My Blue Boy"
2007 Bay Leopard Appaloosa Stallion

Horse of the month for March 2019
Photo Courtesy:

An excellent example of a bay leopard appaloosa stallion is Spot My Blue Boy/
“Domino”, who stands at 16.3 hands – HYPP N/N. This stallion offers an outstanding pedigree, brilliant coloring and an impressive show record.

Named 2012 World’s Best Appaloosa, Spot My Blue Boy has achived 6 World Championships, 5 National Championships and 4 Reserve World Championships. His offspring continue his legacy, winning several World and National titles of their own.

Horse of the month for March 2019
Photo Courtesy:

Rebecca Hogan is the owner of Spot My Blue Boy and Chepota Farm in North Texas,
a Appaloosa breeding business.

February 2019


Horse of the month for February 2019

The super Arabian horse, Khemosabi, is a great example of the purebred Arabian horse.
The stallion lived out to 34 very productive years. To get an idea of the horse’s ability to woo all who saw him, look at the short clip on Youtube titled “One More Day with Khemosabi” and you can get an idea, (The clip is only 3:45 long -
Click Here to view)

January 2019


Horse of the month for April 2018
(Photograph provided by Rick Osteen & Ms. LaRoussa)

To start off our New Year horse-wise is the American Saddlebred mare, “SHE PHLOATS ON AIR.” NAES was asked several years ago to appraise this super horse for her owner, Ms. Alison LaRoussa of Deer Park, Illinois.

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