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Wisconsin Liens for Service to Horses

NOTE: Wisconsin has a breeder's lien but no veterinarian's or farrier's lien. However, the Wisconsin agister's lien is broad enough to cover boarding charges for residential veterinary or farrier services.

I. Breeder's Lien

779.49. Lien of owner of breeding animal or methods

(1)(a) Except as provided in par. (b), every owner of a stallion, jackass or bull, or semen from a stallion, jackass or bull, kept and used for breeding purposes shall have a lien upon any dam served and upon any offspring gotten by the animal, or by means of artificial insemination for the sum stipulated to be paid for the service of the dam. The owner of the stallion, jackass or bull, used to service, or semen used to artificially inseminate, the dam may seize and take possession of the dam and offspring or either without process at any time before the offspring is one year old, in case the price agreed upon for the service remains unpaid, and sell the offspring at public auction. The sale of the offspring shall be upon 10 days' notice, to be posted in at least 3 public places in the town where the service was rendered. The proceeds of the sale shall be applied to the payment of the amount due for the service and the expenses of the seizure and sale. The residue, if any, shall be returned to the party entitled to it.

(b) No lien given under this subsection shall be effective for any purpose against an innocent purchaser or mortgagee of the offspring or the dam of the offspring for value unless the owner having a claim for the service records with the register of deeds of the county where the owner of the dam served resides a statement showing that the service has been rendered and the amount due for the service.

(2) Any person who sells, disposes of or gives a mortgage upon any dam which to the person's knowledge has been served by a stallion, jackass or bull, or artificially inseminated with semen owned by another, the fee for which has not been paid, and who has not given written information to the purchaser or mortgagee of the fact of the service or artificial insemination, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction shall be fined not more than $10 or imprisoned for not more than 60 days.

Wisconsin Liens for the Care of Horses

II. Agister's Lien

779.43. Liens of keepers of hotels, livery stables, garages, marinas and pastures

(1) As used in this section:

(a) "Boarding house" includes a house or building where regular meals are generally furnished or served to three or more persons at a stipulated amount for definite periods of one month or less.

(b) "Lodging house" includes any house or building or part thereof where rooms or lodgings are generally rented to three or more persons received or lodged for hire, or any part thereof is let in which to sleep at stipulated rentals for definite periods of one month or less, whether any or all such rooms or lodgings are let or used for light housekeeping or not, provided that so called duplex flats or apartment houses actually divided into residential units shall not be considered a lodging house.

(c) "Marina" includes any property used for the storage, repair or mooring of boats, whether on land or in water.

(2) Every keeper of an inn, hotel, boarding house or lodging house shall have a lien upon and may retain the possession of all the baggage and other effects brought into the place by any guest, boarder or lodger, whether the baggage and effects are the property of or under the control of the guest, boarder or lodger, or the property of any other person liable for such board and lodging for the proper charges owing such keeper for board, lodging and other accommodation furnished to or for such guest, boarder or lodger, and for all moneys loaned, not exceeding fifty dollars, and for extras furnished at the written request signed by the guest, boarder or lodger, until such charges are paid, and any execution or attachment levied upon such baggage or effects shall be subject to such lien and the costs of satisfying it. But the lien given by this section does not cover charges for alcohol beverages nor the papers of any soldier, sailor or marine that are derived from and evidence of military or naval service or adjusted compensation, compensation, pension, citation medal or badge.

(3) Subject to sub. (4), every keeper of a garage, marina, livery or boarding stable, and every person pasturing or keeping any carriages, automobiles, boats, harness or animals, and every person or corporation, municipal or private, owning any airport, hangar or aircraft service station and leasing hangar space for aircraft, shall have a lien thereon and may retain the possession thereof for the amount due for the keep, support, storage or repair and care thereof until paid. But no garage or marina keeper shall exercise the lien upon any automobile or boat unless the keeper gives notice of the charges for storing automobiles or boats on a signed service order or by posting in some conspicuous place in the garage or marina a card that is easily readable at a distance of 15 feet.

(4)(a) The lien of a marina keeper under this section is subject to the lien of any security interest in the boat that is perfected as provided by law prior to the commencement of the services for which the lien is claimed unless the services were done with the express consent of the holder of the security interest, but only for charges in excess of $1,200.

(b) Within 30 days after the charges for the services of a marina keeper become past due, the marina keeper shall send written notice to the owner of the boat and the holder of the senior lien on the boat informing them that they must take steps to obtain the release of the boat. To reclaim the boat, the owner or the senior lienholder must pay all charges that have a priority over other security interests under par. (a) and all reasonable storage charges on the boat that have accrued after 60 days from the date that the charges for the services became past due. A reasonable effort to notify the owner and the holder of the senior lien satisfies the notice requirement under this paragraph. Failure to make a reasonable effort to notify the owner and the senior lienholder renders void any lien to which the marina keeper may be entitled under this section.

(c) A lien of a marina keeper under this section is in addition to any remedy available under ch. 780.

779.48. How such liens enforced

(1) Every person given a lien by ss. 779.43 to 779.46, except s. 779.43(3), or as bailee for hire, carrier, warehouse keeper or pawnee or otherwise, by common law, may, in case the claim remain unpaid for 3 months and the value of the property affected thereby does not exceed $100, sell such property at public auction and apply the proceeds of such sale to the claim and the expenses of such sale. Notice in writing, of the time and place of the sale and of the amount claimed to be due shall be given to the owner of such property personally or by leaving the same at the owner's place of abode, if a resident of this state, and if not, by publication thereof, in the county in which such lien accrues, as a class 3 notice, under ch. 985. If such property exceeds in value $100, then such lien may be enforced against the same by action.

(2) Every person given a lien by ss. 779.41 and 779.43(3) may in case the claim remains unpaid for 2 months after the debt is incurred, and a person given a lien under s. 779.42(2) may if the claim remains unpaid 90 days after the lien is perfected, enforce such lien by sale of the property substantially in conformity with ss. 409.501 to 409.507 and the lien claimant shall have the rights and duties of a secured party thereunder. When such sections are applied to the enforcement of such lien the word debtor or equivalent when used therein shall be deemed to refer to the owner of the property and any other person having an interest shown by instrument filed as required by law or shown in the records of the department of transportation, and the word indebtedness or equivalent shall include all claims upon which such lien is based.

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