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Oklahoma Liens for Service to Horses

NOTE: Oklahoma has a farrier's and breeder's lien. It has no veterinarian's lien. However, the Oklahoma agister's lien is broad enough to cover residential veterinarian services.

I. Farrier's Lien

§ 131. Lien provided for work

Blacksmiths, wheelwrights and horseshoers who perform work and labor for any person, if unpaid for same, shall have an absolute lien, subject to all prior liens, on the product of their labor and upon all wagons, carriages, automobiles, implements and other articles repaired, or horses, or other animals shod by them, for all sums of money due for such work or labor and for any material furnished by them and used in such product, repairs or shoeing.

§ 132. Procedure to perfect lien

Any person having a lien under this act and desiring to avail himself of its provisions shall, within sixty (60) days after such work or labor is done or performed, or materials furnished, file with the county clerk of the county in which the debtor resides, a just and true account of the demand due, or becoming due, allowing all credits, and containing a description of the property to be charged with said lien, verified by affidavit; provided, that said lien must in either event, be so filed with the county clerk of the county in which the debtor resides, before the title to the property described therein, has passed from the original owner.

II. Breeder's Lien

§ 195. Letting male animals to service--Advertisement of terms--Publication or posting--Acceptance

The owner or keeper of any stallion, jack or bull may advertise the terms upon which he will let such animal to service by publication thereof in some newspaper in the county where such animal is kept for a period of sixty (60) days during the season of each year, or by printed handbills conspicuously posted during such period, in four or more public places in said county, including the place where such animal is kept; and the publication or posting as aforesaid of the terms of such service shall impart notice thereof to the owner of any female animal served by such stallion, jack, or bull, during such season; and in all actions and controversies in respect to the foal or other product of such service, the owner of such female animal so served shall be deemed to have accepted and assented to said terms, when so advertised or posted as provided herein.

§ 196. Filing of certificate of service--Lien on offspring--Notice to third parties--Lien without certificate

When the said terms of such service by any such animal, published or posted as provided in the next preceding section, shall provide that the foal or other product of such service will be held for the money due for the service of such stallion, jack or bull, then and in that event the owner or keeper of any such animal may file with the register of deeds of the county in which such animal is kept for service, a certificate signed by the owner of the female bred, or his representative, also by the owner or keeper of the male animal rendering the service, stating the terms of such service, a description of the female served, also a description of the male rendering the service, the date of service and acceptance of terms by owner of female; and such certificate, if filed within three (3) months after the rendering of such service, shall become and continue a lien on the offspring for the period of six (6) months after the birth thereof, and the filing of such certificate shall be constructive notice to any third party of the existence of the lien: Provided, that as between the owner of any stallion, jack or bull, as provided in the preceding section, and the owner of any female served, a lien shall exist notwithstanding no certificate as herein provided shall be filed or notice given as in this article provided.

§ 197. Record of certificates--Compensation of register of deeds

The register of deeds of each county shall be required to provide and keep in his office a wellbound book with an index in which such certificates shall be recorded in the order in which they are filed, and as compensation in full for filing and recording such certificates the register of deeds shall receive from the parties filing them the sum of ten cents ($0.10) for every one hundred words.

§ 198. False or fictitious pedigree--False representation of recording or eligibility for record--Forfeiture of rights

If any keeper of such stallion, jack or bull, shall offer and advertise to let the service of such animal, and shall give a false or fictitious pedigree, knowing the same to be false, or shall falsely represent such animal to be recorded or eligible to be recorded in any of the various books of record kept for recording animals of that breed, he shall forfeit all claim to the value of the services rendered by such animal, and shall not be entitled to the benefits of any provision of this article.

§ 199. Enforcement of lien by replevin
For the purpose of enforcing such lien upon default in the payment of the sum secured, the lienor may proceed by replevin in any court of competent jurisdiction and possess himself of the encumbered property, and hold the same subject to such judgment as he shall recover.

§ 200. Judgment

Upon the rendition of judgment, if for the lienor, it shall be for the sum found due, with costs of suit and that the lien be enforced against the property by execution and sale as in ordinary sales under execution; but if such finding be for the defendant, judgment shall be entered in his favor as in ordinary actions of replevin.

§ 201. Proceedings governed by general replevin laws

All proceedings under this article, where not herein otherwise specifically provided, shall be governed by the general laws of the state concerning replevin.

Oklahoma Liens for the Care of Horses

III. Agister's Lien

§ 191. Lien for feeding, grazing and herding

Any person employed in feeding, grazing or herding any domestic animals, whether in pasture or otherwise, shall have a lien on said animals for the amount due for such feeding, grazing or herding.

§ 192. Lien for furnishing feed

Any person, partnership, firm or corporation in this state, or in any border county of the adjacent states, furnishing or providing to the owner of such domestic animals any corn, feed, forage or hay, for the sustenance of such domestic animals, shall have a lien on said animals for the amount due for such corn, forage, feed and hay.

§ 193. Lien for keeping, boarding or training animal--Scope

Every person who shall keep, board or train any animal, shall, for the amount due therefor, have a lien on such animal, and on any vehicle, harness or equipment coming into his possession therewith, and no owner or claimant shall have the right to take any such property out of the custody of the person having such lien, except with his consent, or on the payment of such charge; and such lien shall be valid against said property in the possession of any person receiving or purchasing it with notice of such claim.

§ 194. Enforcement of lien--Complaint--Summons--Notice--Trial--Order of sale--Dismissal--Personal judgment--Costs

The lien provided for in the preceding section shall be enforced as follows:

The person claiming the lien shall file with a judge of the district court, or other court having competent jurisdiction in the county in which he resides, a complaint, duly verified by himself, his agent or attorney, setting forth his account and a description of the property on which the lien is claimed and thereupon the court shall issue a summons, as in ordinary civil actions, and upon a return of the summons, duly served, shall set the cause for hearing at any time after the lapse of one day, if summons be returned "defendant not found," and if it be proved to the satisfaction of the court that the defendant is not a resident of the county, the court shall order a notice of the proceedings to be published for three successive days, in a daily newspaper, if one be published in the county, and if there be none, then once in a weekly, if one be published in the county, and if no newspaper be published in the county, then by six handbills put up in six public places in the county, notifying the defendant of the filing and the particulars of the account, the description of the property on which the lien is claimed, its whereabouts and the day and place set for the hearing of the cause, which shall be at least ten days from the day of the last publication of the notice; and the proof of such publication shall be filed in the court on or before the day of trial. When the defendant shall have been summoned or notified as aforesaid, the cause shall, on the day fixed for trial, be tried as an ordinary case in court. If the judgment be for the plaintiff, the court shall order the property upon which the lien shall have been found to exist to be sold to satisfy the same. If the lien shall not have been established and the defendant shall not have been summoned, or shall not have voluntarily appeared to the action, the cause shall be dismissed at the cost of the plaintiff. If the defendant shall have been summoned or shall have appeared to the action, and the plaintiff shall have established an indebtedness on the account sued on, but shall have failed to establish the lien claimed, the judgment shall be for the plaintiff for such indebtedness, but the costs of suit, or any part thereof, may be taxed against him.

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