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North American Equine Services provides the most professional and accurate horse appraisals plus equine litigation consulting for all breeds, disciplines, and related equine activities.

Every client is insured that all cases are handled with the highest level of confidentiality, experience, knowledge and ethics. Discounts available to nationally recognized associations, barns and multiple horses.
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Dear David,
Many thanks for allowing
me to solicit your opinion and advice about starting
an equine mediation practice. I sincerely appreciate your taking the time to give me your perspective. 
Congratulations on your years in business. 
I can tell you have
been very successful.

All the best.
- MS

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Blog - Case of the Month
Proving again that the truth is stranger than fiction...
I’ll be picking out a specific case out of the hundreds I’ve worked on in the past years and give you a brief rendition of the facts and outcome. And, I may cover pertinent equine related topics.

Taking advantage of situations that have occurred to others may lead you to say things to yourself like, “Boy I’m glad that didn’t happen to me!” Anyway, for sheer entertainment value, you’ll like them.

After reading the Blog, please feel free to call or e-mail with any questions or comments. Although I will not be taking comments on this blog, your feedback is welcomed. Archived Blogs available at this link.

NAES BLOG - May 2020

A very large problem confronting all of us who own a stable or care for horses is the tragedy of the person who has lost their job. The result of the COVID –19 virus is that many horse people, a usually kind and understanding bunch, are forced to “NOT PAY” the overdue board bill.

As the stable/ranch owner, all the overdue invoices (boarding, training, etc.,) must be paid or your business is headed for bankruptcy. You must contact your stable/ranch attorney and plan to file a lien. Generally, these liens are titled “Feed Lien,” or “Agister’s Lien.”

Unfortunately, when going to the County Clerk’s office, be prepared to receive a blank stare after you’ve mentioned the names of the liens you’re requesting. You must be fully aware of the specific lien requirements which you will need if you decide to handle the situation legally.

Of course, the best actions on your part; you must be so very kind and polite to your boarder because each customer feels bad enough about the situation. Being rude will not be the way to encourage them to pay the boarding invoice.

To help in finding each of the 50 states’ feed or Agister’s Liens, NAES has provided a list and text of each of the 50 state’s statutes. Because NAES does not represent any legal opinions whatsoever, you must verify each statute with your own legal counsel.

Archived Blogs - at this link

Qualified Equine Appraisals
NAES is the leader in multiple breed equine appraisals. We can give you the most accurate and professional qualified appraisal in the industry. more...

NAES' David D. Johnson
David D. Johnson operates North American Equine Services, LLC as its President and CEO. The company, based in Phoenix, Arizona specializes in litigation consulting, related activities and horse appraisals for the legal and insurance communities and has been doing so for the past 30 years throughout North America. more...

Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policy
As the premier financial appraisers and evaluators of the equestrian sport in the United States and North America and because we operate in the public spotlight, we are expected to conduct our affairs in a manner consistent with the great trust that has been placed in us. more...

Safety Policies
As a licensed official with the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), Mr. Johnson fully supports and promotes the organization’s efforts with the safety and welfare of horses and riders. The USEF has instituted a Safe Sport Policy available at this link.

Questions and answers regarding the USEF Policy are available as FAQ’s at this link. NAES has had similar policies in place since its inception.

NAES clients expect absolute confidentiality in their dealings with our firm. more...
Horse of the month
Horse of the month
Horse of the Month for May, 2020:
Big Star – a Dutch Warmblood more...

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May 2020

Know Your State
Feed Lien Laws

It is helpful for boarding stable owners to be an expert in their own state’s feed lien laws, (sometimes called agister’s laws).

With the economy as it is, your signed boarding contract is crucial.

Jurisdictions may allow ownership to pass to you after a certain number of days of abandonment or non-payment of past due bills.

Be sure to have an attorney review the boarding contract and the attorney should review your state’s Feed Lien Laws.
Current & Past Tips

Litigation Consulting
NAES, while not giving legal advise of any kind, provides a full range of services to horse owners, and the legal and insurance communities. Check our Legal Services page for more.

- FREE phone discussion for however long it takes to discuss anything horse-related.

- NAES can then guide you in the areas of standards & practices, accident investigation and anything involving horse activities.

- We also provide expert witness testimony for settlement conferences, arbitrations, mediations and at trial.


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