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Dear David,
Many thanks for allowing
me to solicit your opinion and advice about starting
an equine mediation practice. I sincerely appreciate your taking the time to give me your perspective. 
Congratulations on your years in business. 
I can tell you have
been very successful.

All the best.
- MS

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Qualified Equine Appraisals
NAES Qualified Equine Appraisals North American Equine Services (NAES) offers a variety of equine services including liability and standards and practices review.

Dave Johnson has been performing professional horse appraisals that are compliant with IRS and USPAP guidelines for more than three decades and is the leader in multiple breed equine appraisals. Understanding the different types of appraisals and their unique requirements is the core competency of the business.
Continuing education keeps NAES knowledgeable in multiple breeds, disciplines, and related activities results in a thorough valuation. Qualified appraisals are performed on site, or off site throughout North America. Appraisals from NAES are supplied in a professional bound report.

“Thank you for your outstanding job performance on the equine appraisal of two Haflingers, harnesses, wagon and equipment. The pictures were clear and crisp, the presentation was just what the IRS likes to see and the documentation was specific and detailed. Your expert and thorough work is much appreciated. “ J. H. Alexander more...
Horse of the month

Horse of the month

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April 2009
“Impulsive Andrew”


Litigation Consulting
David D. Johnson NAES, while not giving legal advise of any kind, provides a full range of services to horse owners, and the legal and insurance communities. Check our Legal Services page for more. We are dedicated to every client and make sure all cases are handled with the highest level of confidentiality, experience, knowledge, and ethics.

One of the most important aspects of our work, here at NAES, is the discussions with lawyers, insurance companies and others interested in common standards of job performance in the horse industry. These would include proof that the consultant is using methods acceptable in the industry, proving that they have a deep understanding of all elements involved in the case.
Activities may include: review of cases from retaining counsel, preparation of rebuttal questions, and a candid explanation to counsel on case merits or lack thereof. Verbal or written expert opinions are provided and case files are stored indefinitely in climate-controlled conditions. A list of recent cases in which Mr. Johnson has been asked to provide expert testimony is available at this link: Rule-26-Case-Histories.html
NAES' David D. Johnson
David D. Johnson David D. Johnson operates North American Equine Services, LLC as its President and CEO. The company, based in Phoenix, Arizona specializes in litigation consulting, related activities and horse appraisals for the legal and insurance communities and has been doing so for the past 39 years throughout North America.

Mr. Johnson’s background includes over 50 years as a professional horse and student trainer. His first professional experience in training both students and horses began when he was 12 years old in 1956 at the facility owned by the Chicago Irving Park YMCA. At the same time Mr. Johnson worked at the Milne stables taking out groups of riders on long trail rides. He was an instructor at both facilities which included acting as a trail ride wrangler. more...
Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policy
Code of Ethics As the premier financial appraisers and evaluators of the equestrian sport in the United States and North America and because we operate in the public spotlight, we are expected to conduct our affairs in a manner consistent with the great trust that has been placed in us. This requires our behavior to conform to the highest ethical principles.

For these reasons, North American Equine Services, LLC, (NAES), requires its staff to conduct business with integrity, to maintain a standard of ethical conduct consistent with the regulations of all jurisdictions in which NAES conducts business, and to be guided by the knowledge that we are guardians of equestrian valuation and must maintain the values, spirit, and ideals of the sport and its part in the international movement.
Safety Policies
Safety Policies As a licensed official with the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), Mr. Johnson fully supports and promotes the organization’s efforts with the safety and welfare of horses and riders. The USEF has instituted a Safe Sport Policy available at this link.

Questions and answers regarding the USEF Policy are available as FAQ’s at this link. NAES has had similar policies in place since its inception.

NAES clients expect absolute confidentiality in their dealings with our firm. more...
Blog - Case of the Month
Blog-Case of the Month Proving again that the truth is stranger than fiction...
I pick out a specific case from the hundreds that I have worked on in the past years and give you a brief rendition of the facts and outcome. And, I may cover related topics.

Taking advantage of situations that have occurred to others may lead you to say things to yourself like, “Boy I’m glad that didn’t happen to me!” Anyway, for sheer entertainment value, you’ll like them.

After reading the Blog, please feel free to call or e-mail with any questions or comments. Although I will not be taking comments on this blog, your feedback is welcomed.
December 2022
NAES Archive Favorites

Blog - Case of the Month from December 2016

Sales and Leasing Agreements

Sales and Leasing Agreements are critical in horse sales, because the actual document you and your lawyer draw up can and must take into account even the smallest item.

What this means is that you especially, since you wish to purchase a specific animal, must list, or at least think about the minutia and trivia relating to the deal.

Always remember: If it’s not specifically listed or referred to, it will be tough to make a claim after your money and the seller’s bill of sale have changed hands.

Here’s a list of possible items to refer to in your Sales or Leasing Agreement:

1. If you are the Buyer:

A. Spell out the specific things the seller must provide before you’ll take possession of the horse.

B. If applicable, specify the exact name of the veterinarian to perform the pre-purchase physical exam.

C. If applicable, the horse’s show record must be verified and agreed upon by all parties. If you retain the services of a qualified equine appraiser, this person can aid in making sure the list is correct.

D. The appraiser or your attorney can make sure that no penalties have been assessed by any relative breed or associations.

E. A verified list of vaccinations and date of administration. The examining veterinarian can verify this list as well.

F. You can even specify which horse hauler you wish to ship your horse. As a purchaser, I think you can see the myriad of things you may wish to take into account when buying your next horse.

2. If you’re the Seller:

A. As the seller you can demand that the horse being tried not be removed from your farm. I know that it is common to let the sale horse be sent to the prospective buyer’s facility, but I always prefer to have my horse remain at my farm since the old saying “out of sight, out of mind”; in case of a problem or if the horse is injured while being tried. However, if you do agree to let the buyer try your horse away from you, then a very specific agreement must be signed stating the specifics you demand.

B. If your horse is removed by the prospective buyer to try the horse at their place, make sure the buyer purchases insurance for mortality, loss of use and major medical in a specified amount. Always verify the insurance has been bought by actually seeing the insurance of items agreement and a receipt for the cost.

C. When the buyer has committed to the purchase you can specify your horse not be removed from your place until all monies have been received. (I recommend that a wire transfer be used wherever possible just to make sure there is some recording of the sale and monies exchanged).

Again, as in the case of the Buyer and the Seller, you can see the huge number of items you may wish to include in your various agreements. Make sure you review with your attorney in case there are other overlooked items or concessions that need to be address.

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