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North American Equine Services provides the most professional and accurate horse appraisals plus equine litigation consulting for all breeds, disciplines, and related equine activities.

Every client is insured that all cases are handled with the highest level of confidentiality, experience, knowledge and ethics. Discounts available to nationally recognized associations, barns and multiple horses.
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Dear David,
Many thanks for allowing me to solicit your opinion and advice about starting an equine mediation practice. I sincerely appreciate your taking the time to give me your perspective. Congratulations on your 17 years in business. I can tell
you have been very successful.

All the best for another 17!


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Blog - Case of the Month
Proving again that the truth is stranger than fiction...
I’ll be picking out a specific case out of the hundreds I’ve worked on in the past years and give you a brief rendition of the facts and outcome. And, I may cover pertinent equine related topics.

Taking advantage of situations that have occurred to others may lead you to say things to yourself like, “Boy I’m glad that didn’t happen to me!” Anyway, for sheer entertainment value, you’ll like them.

After reading the Blog, please feel free to call or e-mail with any questions or comments. Although I will not be taking comments on this blog, your feedback is welcomed. Archived Blogs available at this link.

NAES BLOG - September 2017...

Teaching is perhaps the most important item which man can do. And, in fact, most anthropologists and sociologists as well agree that explaining to others in their species just how to do “something” makes the difference in how successful that “group” would be.

In other words, the ability to explain the intricacies of riding a horse is no mean feat. This is exactly why the job of “trainer” is so important and requires a huge amount of skill in being able to actually ride and then communicate to the student how to coax the horse into performing.

Because a horse is another living, breathing and thinking being, the rider must figure out what the animal is thinking, and then match the commands he or she must give to encourage the horse to do the correct action at the correct time to match what the course designer wishes the horse to do. Then, to top it all off, the designer places a number of obstacles at an agreed upon height and distance asking the horse/rider team to jump them all in a correct order as well, in as smooth and balanced way as possible…… Then, the judge must correctly sort out who winners are, and in the proper order as well.

So finding a person who has the ability to explain all the above to a student who perhaps is not the most talented individual brings yet another bunch of problems that must be solved before the pair can be expected to perform and win. In other words, “trainer” is a very important word.

In advising potential riders I’ve stressed how important the choice is and just how the decision is made. Finding just the right person who has the ability to figure out both the horse and rider is almost an impossible task. In fact, the person found might, in fact, be deficient in in one or more of the myriad necessary qualities but is so good at all the rest that it doesn’t really matter. Then you’ll have to make the decision as to who you’ll hire as trainer.

Then, the area of personalities comes up and………oh well, you can now see how hard it is to pick the right trainer.

I’ve been teaching and training for many years and I learn every single day something new about myself, horses and people. Therefore, you can see how difficult it is to pick the correct trainer then make it all work out so you, your horse and your trainer all work out just right.

All the above leads to a case I had several years ago which involved a wealthy owner and a deceitful trainer.

Unfortunately there is a huge amount of trust that must be placed into the hands of the trainer. In this case my client discovered he had been cheated out of many thousands of dollars.

Because trust is all important, imagine how the trainer was able to convince my client to purchase a horse who was not the correct match, and was able to work the transaction to his benefit. If it had not been for a person who recognized the horse from another part of the country my client would never have known. This is why it is so important to verify every part of the deal including just exactly who had owned the horse and what the show record was.

The next step is to always insist on a veterinary pre-purchase exam from a vet who has no relationship with the agent or broker of the sale.

Then make sure your attorney does an ironclad bill of sale. All these points of the sale, while not guaranteeing the sale, will go a long way in making you feel better. All this will enable a better relationship with your trainer because, after all, isn’t that what you really want?

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NAES' David D. Johnson
David D. Johnson operates North American Equine Services, LLC as its President and CEO. The company, based in Phoenix, Arizona specializes in litigation consulting, related activities and horse appraisals for the legal and insurance communities and has been doing so for the past 30 years throughout North America. more...

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As a licensed official with the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), Mr. Johnson fully supports and promotes the organization’s efforts with the safety and welfare of horses and riders. The USEF has instituted a Safe Sport Policy available at this link.

Questions and answers regarding the USEF Policy are available as FAQ’s at this link. NAES has had similar policies in place since its inception.

NAES clients expect absolute confidentiality in their dealings with our firm. more...
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September 2017
Always make sure your leather bridles and saddles are properly cleaned every time you ride. Even if the tack is old and perhaps not the finest available when you purchased it, even old tack can be brought back to its new and soft condition if you take good care of it.
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