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Horse of the Month for November, 2017
  The Waler - Australia, New South Wales

One stallion, two colts and four mares from the Cape of Good Hope were shipped to Australia in 1788, thought to be Barb horses. In 1795 the breed was introduced to other breeds such as Cleveland Bay, Lincolnshire trotter, Norfolk Roadster, Yorkshire Coacher, Hackney, Timor pony, Arabian, Thoroughbred, and other stock.

From cross-breeding a uniquely Australian Colonial horse was established, the Waler.
Color varies and their characteristics include a good shoulder, strong back and hind quarters, particularly good hocks, willing to take on any task and a good companion.

Due to the versatility of the breed the British thought the Waler to be amongst the finest cavalry horse in history through WWll and almost became extinct in the 1960’s.

At home Walers proved to be the ideal utility and stock-horse also being used by New South Wales mounted police. Their abilities include hacking, jumping, endurance and all round good mount.
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Horse of the month for November 2017
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Horse of the month for November 2017
The Memorial to the Australian Light Horse (Waler)

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